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Looking for the best in Montana hunting outfitters? How about Montana fishing outfitters? Well, look no further!

In 1992, I began my professional guiding career and four years later my wife, Bridgitt, and I established God’s Country Outfitters.

I could think of no better description of the land in which we hunt and fish.  Clearly, God spent a little more time when he created Montana.

We are blessed to live, work, and raise our family in this outdoor paradise –the upper Blackfoot Valley of Montana, near the top of the Continental Divide.

We are grateful for the patronage of past clients, many of whom have made Montana an annual tradition, and welcome those who will join that tradition in the years to come in “God’s Country.”

We cater to all our clients with warm Montana hospitality providing the most experienced guided hunts, fly fishing trips and camping. Witness the breathtaking scenery that Montana has to offer you while you experience the vacation of a lifetime!

We pride ourselves in our personalized service and local expertise, as one of the leaders in Montana hunting outfitters. Let our experts teach and guide you in a new adventure taking you across the vast wide open country of Montana. Welcome to God’s Country Outfitters.


Montana offers some of the best fly-fishing waters to be found anywhere.  You can fish 6-8 different rivers in a week: the Missouri, Big Blackfoot, Little Blackfoot, Clark Fork, Dearborn, Clearwater, and Bitterroot Rivers – or stay with one of these spectacular rivers all week long and never fish the same stretch twice.

We provide 1 day outings, multi-day trips, and custom tailored extended trip packages that include both fishing & camping.

When is the best time to come?  Because June and July are typical “vacation” months, they are also the months when more people are on the rivers.  April through October is optimal in terms of weather, but remember: fish feed year round, and with so many rivers to choose from, there is always good fishing to be found somewhere nearby.


Montana Hunting Outfitters, Meat and MountsOur archery hunts run from the 2nd week of September through the 1st week of October.

Rifle season begins the last Sunday in October and ends the Sunday following Thanksgiving.


All our big game hunting is done on private land along and near the Rocky Mountain East Front, where the mountains meet the plains.  We lease 12,000+ acres of very productive ranchland for our exclusive hunting use. Depending upon the numbers of hunters, we have some of the best elk, deer and bear hunting country that includes gentle, grassy, rolling hills and Quaking Aspen patches, to steep, rugged, Pine and Fir covered mountains.

Our hunting areas sit in hunting districts 422 and 423.  Altitude is low – between 4,200 and 6,200.

Due to the high numbers of Elk in these districts, current state regulations allow “either sex” Elk hunting, though spike bulls may not be killed in hunting district 423 -brow-tined bulls only.   The more rugged country generally holds the most elk, particularly during the rifle season.

No matter what species you are hunting, or what weapon you choose, our knowledgeable, experienced guides will get you into the game, give you a great hunt, and send you home with fond memories you will cherish for life.

We hunt on foot right out of camp, and use 4×4 vehicles to get from camp to the different hunting areas. Though some of the terrain is fairly steep, it’s not too difficult to get around.

We have great hunting in areas accessible to elderly and semi-handicapped hunters.


Our camp is located on the South Fork of the Dearborn River (an excellent fishery) and is vehicle accessible, and designed to accommodate 4 guests plus the camp crew.