Guided Montana Black Bear Hunts, Montana Hunting Outfitters

September 15 thru the end of October is a great time to harvest a true trophy sized black bear. The number of bears in the area will vary each year, depending upon the food supply, which in our area, the food bears are looking for in the fall is primarily choke-cherries. The better the choke-cherry crop, the more bears we have. Most years there is an abundance of cherries. While the majority of bears in our area are black, with or without a white chevron, bears in all different shades of brown are common.

The fall Black Bear Season opens September 15th, and runs thru the end of the General Rifle season. Archery Elk hunters may harvest a black bear at no extra charge (bear or deer – not both), and Rifle Elk and Deer Hunters may substitute the deer with a bear, if they wish, providing they have purchased a black bear license. Licenses must be purchased at least 5 days prior to hunting.

This is primarily a spot and stalk hunt. It is fairly easy to get within bow range of bears while they are engrossed in raking in armloads of choke cherries and we have fair success calling them in, which can be quite a “rush”! Call for more information about our Fall Black Bear Hunting!

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