Guided Montana Hunting Trips, Montana Hunting Outfitters

Welcome to God’s Country, named for very good reason! All our Montana big game hunting is done on private land along and near the Rocky Mountain East Front, where the mountains meet the plains. We lease 12,000+ acres of game-rich ranch lands for our exclusive hunting use. This land is some of the best Elk, deer and bear hunting country in Montana that includes gentle, grassy, rolling hills and Quaking Aspen patches, to steep, rugged, Pine and Fir covered mountains.

If you are looking for a guided rifle or archery hunt in Montana and are in pursuit of bull elk, trophy mule deer, or black bear, contact us today for a truly authentic Montana hunting experience!

Guided Montana Hunting Trips Options

Rifle Hunts

Guided elk hunting in Montana , Montana Hunting Outfitters

Guided rifle hunting trips for elk, deer or bear. Let our experts lead you to your next trophy.

Archery Hunts

Guided Montana Hunting Trips, Montana Elk Hunting

Guided archery hunting trips for elk, deer or bear. Let our experts lead you to your next trophy.

Black Bear Hunts

Montana Bear Hunts, Montana Hunting Outfitters

Fall black bear hunts – we offer fall black bear hunts in conjunction with our archery and rifle elk hunts, or as a “Stand alone” hunt.

The Montana Hunting Experience

No matter what species you are hunting, or what weapon you choose, our knowledgeable, experienced guides will get you into the game, give you a great hunt, and send you home with fond memories you will cherish for life.

We hunt on foot right out of camp, and use 4×4 vehicles to get from camp to the different hunting areas. Though some of the terrain is fairly steep, it’s not too difficult to get around.

We have great hunting in areas accessible to elderly and semi-handicapped hunters.

Montana Hunting Districts

Our hunting areas sit in hunting districts 422 and 423. Altitude is low – between 4,200 and 6,200.

Due to the high numbers of Elk in these districts, current state regulations allow “either sex” Elk hunting, though spike bulls may not be killed in hunting district 423 -brow-tined bulls only. The more rugged country generally holds the most elk, particularly during the rifle season.


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Check out Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks 2016 Seasons Date Card and their current regulations here.