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After you kill an animal, we immediately field dress it, hang and skin it.  If you are having it mounted, we skin out the cape, and freeze it, and saw off the rack and clean it up.  Then we take the meat to Helena for processing.  The best butcher shop in Helena charges $200 to cut and wrap an Elk and $100 for a deer.

If you fly, there is no cheap and convenient way to get your meat home. If the animal is killed early enough in the week, it can be processed and  ready to leave when you are, so you can UPS your duffel home and your meat can travel back with you.

You will have somewhere between 150 and 200 lb. of meat to transport. You can check with your airline for costs, but they are usually way too expensive to ship meat that way.  We have found the most reliable and least expensive way to ship meat is by UPS, 2-day delivery, but even this is quite expensive.  The truth is, there just is no cheap way to ship frozen wild game meat.

If you choose to have your taxidermy work done at home, we can UPS your antlers and cape to you, or you may take them back with your luggage and meat.  The airlines charge around $100 to check antlers.  We tape rubber garden hose to the tines, wrap plastic around the skull plate, and put an airline tag on it. Deer antlers are sometimes separated and packed in a duffel.

If you choose to have your trophies mounted here in Montana, we will deliver your frozen capes and antlers to Great Outdoors Taxidermy at the end of each season.

With the high cost of shipping, and the current hassles at some airports traveling with guns/ammo, and a couple big bags, driving is the best way to travel if you have the time.

If you do choose to fly, we will do what we can on our end to accommodate your flight arrangements.

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