6 Day Deer & Elk Combo Archery Hunt – Rates 

Montana Bow Hunting OutfittersThis is an exciting hunt, as most bulls we kill are called in with cow call or bugle.  The bulls respond well, and are usually very vocal. The weather is pleasant in September and except for extremely windy days, you will get in to Elk every day.

We locate as many Elk as we can before they bed down in the morning, so we know what our options are for the day.  If we see a bull we want, we go after him.  We find the older bulls generally harder to call in the mornings so we don’t usually spend too much time on a bull in the morning.  If he doesn’t come in soon, we leave and go look for another bull. Locating several bulls in the morning can provide us with several options later in the day after they’ve rested up and are more willing to come to the call.  On the afternoon hunt, I might work on a bull for two hours or more before he decides to come in.

Most bulls killed come to a cow call, but some will only commit themselves to the bugle.  We rely on our experience to know what sounds to make and when, depending on the situation and the individual bull.

Montana Archery Hunts, Montana Hunting OutfittersOur kill rate varies from 25-75% or better.  Our shot opportunity is 85%, with actual kill rate of 53% over the past 12 years.

On your 6-day hunt, we should have at least one excellent shot opportunity at 30-yards or less, at a 5×5 or better bull, and nearly every hunter has several opportunities.  Lots of bulls are killed at less than 20 yards.

Antler growth is very good in our part of the country.  A bull doesn’t have to get very old to sport an impressive set of antlers here.  Though most of the bulls we kill are younger bulls (21/2 – 31/2), you stand a very good chance of taking a bull that will qualify for entry into the Pope & Young Record Book (260 inches).  Chances are fairly good to tag a bull between 300″ and 340”.   Though you never know what you might run across, 350″-360″ is about tops for our area.

Though our primary focus is on elk, there is no extra charge if you would like to add a deer (whitetail or muledeer), or a Black Bear to your hunt, providing you have the proper licenses and tags. Mid-day while we give the elk a rest (typically 2 to 4 hours), we may glass for bucks or bears, go fishing, shower, catch up on phone calls, nap, read a book, or simply relax and get rested up for the afternoon hunt.

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