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Just over the “Divide”, about 25 miles east of Lincoln, we have access to several miles of private land along the three forks of the Dearborn River. The North Fork, or “mainstem” is the largest branch, and is floatable just before and just after peak spring run-off until it gets too low to float, usually by the second week of July. Salmonfly and Stonefly hatches can result in some fantastic fishing. We have private access to 3 miles of river upstream of the popular floatable stretch, that offer great wade fishing, and beautiful riverside camp locations. The Dearborn River fly fishing is a hidden gem in Montana!

Middle Fork Dearborn River, Secret Montana Fly FishingWe have two miles of private access to the Middle Fork of the Dearborn, which is a bit smaller, but holds lot’s of fish. This short branch is a phenomenal fishery. The fast riffles, deep pools and undercut banks are a fishes’, and a fisherman’s dream. Huge rainbows and Brown Trout are eager to smash a hopper floating thru their pool.

The South Fork of the Dearborn is the smallest branch of the Dearborn, and where we have our semi-permanent base camp for our Big Game Hunts. This small stream is brush choked in places, and dotted with beaver dams along the two mile private stretch of this stream. There are surprisingly large rainbows, browns and brook trout in this small stream that will challenge your stalking and casting skills.

These Dearborn locations are within a few short miles of each other, so all may be fished from the same camp location. Mix up your trip by alternating days wade fishing these areas with days float fishing the “Blue-Ribbon” designated Missouri River, which is less than 20 miles from any of these camp locations, or the Blackfoot, a short hours drive west.

If you would prefer a cozy mountain cabin, or conveniently located lodge, we have those options as well. We can arrange for your lodging in a beautiful two story log cabin right along the Lewis and Clark Trail about two miles from the top of the Lewis and Clark Pass, or a rental lodge next to a small lake on the open prairie west of Wolf Creek. These accommodations can include the food and chef, or if you want to save a few bucks, bring your own groceries and do your cooking. There is also the option of staying at a nearby guest ranch that offers horseback riding, and tours of caves containing Indian artifacts and pictographs. These lodge options are dependent upon availability, and usually require reservations months in advance.

All these options, from the Blackfoot to the three forks of the Dearborn, to the Missouri, can be mixed and matched exactly how you want for as many days as you want.

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Dearborn River Fly Fishing, Montana God's Country Outfitters