Montana Pack Trips

Montana Pack Trips

If float fishing isn’t your thing, then these Montana Pack Trips are the way to go. Wade fish from the various campsites as you work your way down the length of the South Fork of the Flathead River.

While the float fishing trip is preferred by many of our guests, we realize that they aren’t for everyone. That is why we offer you the option of these Montana Pack Trips for your fishing vacation.  You will travel from campsite to campsite on horseback. Wade fish the South Fork and its tributaries right from camp, with or without a guide.

Planning Your Pack Trips

We work with you closely in planning the itinerary for your trip and try to give you exactly what you want out of your trip. One of our most popular Montana Pack Trips begins with a day or two fishing  Youngs Creek, which is one of the major tributaries. Floating traffic is extremely light above the headwaters of the South Fork at its confluence with Danaher Creek. This is above where the majority of the float fishing trips begin. Fishing pressure that far upriver is negligible and the average size of the Cutthroat Trout is well above the average further downriver. 19 and 20-inch Cutthroats are not uncommon!

Our Montana Pack Trips will allow you to spend time fishing some of the other phenomenal tributaries that float fishing won’t allow due to time and schedule restraints. The larger of these tributaries include Youngs Creek, Danaher Creek, White River, Big Salmon, and Little Salmon Creeks, and many other smaller tributaries and side-channels of the main river.

Note:  Over the last few years lightweight pack-rafts have become extremely popular among the “Do-It-Yourself” folks. While we do offer do-it-yourself drop floats, we very much discourage the use of one-person pack rafts on the South Fork. If you are going to float – please share a boat! Please click here for an in-depth explanation of this.